TEMPO-DRAIN covering a drain at the harbour.
Covering a curb drain
Covering a drain i a parkinglot
Close to a building
It follows the contours
Please notice the unevenness
We always recommend at least one sandbag on top of the TEMPO-DRAIN
Extra sandbags on the TEMPO-DRAIN to reduce water pressure from the sewer. However it is not designed for water pressure from the sewer!
TEMPO-DRAIN in action


TEMPO® drain is for fast covering of drains so flood water does not enter the drainage system.

The TEMPO-DRAIN is 60×60 cm and weighs approximately 2,5 kg. The weight is placed in the outer edge and keeps the drain cover on the ground in windy conditions and in currents.

The drain cover is very flexible and will almost follow any contour.

The weight of the water presses the drain cover firmly on the drain. When there is 5 cm of water on top of the drain cover, there will be 20 kg of water weight on the drain cover. The more water on the drain cover, the more water tight it gets.

The TEMPO-DRAIN is not designed for water flowing from the drain. You can reduce the amount by placing sandbags on the drain cover, but without sandbags, the drain cover will just flow away from the drain.

We always recommend the use of at least one sandbag on top of the drain cover, so the drain cover always stays over of the drain.


After use, just rinse and dry the TEMPO-DRAIN so it is ready for the next flooding.

TEMPO-DRAIN in action