TEMPO-DAM®  fast, strong, safe & stable!

The TEMPO-DAM® is a fast, strong and the most stable option when choosing a temporary dam of tarpaulin. This dam is not like other triangular dams of tarpaulin, it has been improved and designed for extreme weather and stability. We have 15 years of experience (2008) in the flooding industry and 8 years of experience (2015) with this type of dam.

The dam has been tested at the wavetest facility at DHI in Hørsholm, Denmark.

Key benefits of the TEMPO-DAM®:

  • The TEMPO-DAM is Danish quality and ingenuity.
  • The TEMPO-DAM is documented as the most stable triangular dam made of tarpaulins. Other competitors need sandbags and sealant under the front end to withstand waves.
  • The TEMPO-DAM can withstand waves and wind if you choose the extreme weather version.
  • The materials are first class, but especially the high-tech rot proof sowing tread is the best you can get. The tread is the most important component in the entire dam, and no one we know has this thread, probably because it is 30 times more expensive than the normal high-quality tread.
  • The Velcro joints are more water tight.
  • We have different extra safety features for the extreme weather versions.
  • We supply a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects, according to our warranty terms.

Comparing the TEMPO-DAM ® to other flood protection systems.

  • The TEMPO-DAM does not loose pressure and risk becoming unstable if it punctures like a water tube system. This could result in a catastrophic event.
  • The water tube systems risk becoming unstable if the water level rises above 70% of the total height of the water tubes, because the flood water pressure is greater than the friction of the tubes. TEMPO-DAM does not have this problem. Flood water can overflow the dam, and it will still stay stable.
  • Different other systems require a longer response time and more manpower to establish. The TEMPO-DAM can beat all other types of systems in deployment speed. It is as far as we know, unmatched!

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